One year ago


Well I thought it would be interesting to try and find the last picture that I took with my phone before the injury, and this is it.. We just finished the following ride http://app.strava.comactivities/43312464 and stop by a small restaurant in Honolulu for lunch and after that went to the beach. It was a great day enjoy it a lot andin general the whole trip was still one of the most will say epic trips Sarah and I have taken.  and this ride was actually one of my favorite rides the whole trip as we rode up Tantalus and down and then hit this super old highway that was really cool and then use for very long time.

I also did have a grandiose plans of posing a really cool blog yesterday recapping my one year so on and so on. However, the night before I was praying and felt like I needed to interview or have my boys interview me and then that would be my blog. So that’s what I moved forward with yesterday and to be honest with you I was not ready fully for their questions. With that said I’m in the process of typing up the questions in my response and my goal is to keep it very real not edit anything there is a lot of emotions last night, good emotion. And I think everybody will really enjoy reading at once I get it all typed up. So with that said hopefully I can get the interview done here shortly and post it for everyone.

And if you are wondering below is the next picture after the above picture.


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